Mashery Customer Support


Download the full data sheet here -  Mashery Customer Support.pdf

Mashery's customer support team is dedicated to making sure your API platform always achieves optimal performance and reliability. The team has a reputation for responding quickly and effectively, frequently alerting customers to potential issues before users become aware of them.

Mashery Support Plans

All Mashery customers enjoy Mashery’s 24/7 Standard Support and Monitoring services at no additional charge. Customers with more stringent requirements are encouraged to upgrade to Mashery 24/7 Gold Support and Monitoring, which includes faster response times, more telephone support, and more frequent monitoring.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 status checkEvery 20 minutesEvery 5 minutes
Endpoints monitored18+
Notification SLA45 min via email15 min via email/live call
Escalation procedureNoneCustom


24/7 Support

Online & EmailYesYes
Telephone supportPriority 1 (P1): 24/7P1: 24/7; P2-P3: Business Hours
Named support contacts15
Response timeStandard SLAGold SLA (2x as fast)
Semi-monthly support briefingNoYes


Mashery delivers 24x7 support and monitoring services. Our real time API dashboard constantly checks to ensure our customers APIs are up and running.