Mashery API Control Center


Download the full data sheet here -  Mashery API Control Center.pdf

Flexible Deployment

Mashery is the world’s first API management solution that lets you choose how and where you run traffic for each of your APIs. 

For example, you might serve product catalog APIs from Mashery Cloud, our enterprise-grade API Distribution Network with a global cache to speed response time. At the same time, your corporate policies might require transactions to flow directly to your data center. For those APIs, you can use Mashery Local, Mashery’s on-premises traffic management solution. 

One Dashboard

Whether you choose one deployment solution or mix and match, Mashery API Control Center lets you manage and monitor all API activity from one powerful, easy-to-use dashboard. Mashery API Control Center lets you set access policies, define developer privileges, and host a full-featured Web portal (fully customizable with your look and feel) to support your developer partners. Mashery API Control Center also allows you to see Mashery’s advanced API reporting and analytics across all APIs, no matter where API traffic flows. 

Combined with Mashery’s industry-leading API strategy services and developer outreach programs, Mashery API Control Center is the world’s most powerful tool for building a successful, robust digital distribution platform.