API Packager


Download the full data sheet here -  API Packager Datasheet.pdf

Benefits to the API Manager

  • Manage APIs as products and have the flexibility to tailor access for specific partners and developments teams.
  • Boost revenue by appealing to a larger audience by having different API packages with different pricing structures. 
  • Get faster time-to-market for partners and customers by empowering business-side colleagues to tailor API access all without coding.

Benefits to the IT Manager

  • Maintain control of API services and security while saving time and resources
  • Minimize delays by eliminating the need to code custom API requests for business partners
  • Save IT resources by using tools that replace coding with configuration

Additional Features

Integrated Reporting - Support billing processes associated with the potential commercial distribution of capabilities and data with package-level reporting.

Resource Entitlement Control what capabilities and data specific groups of developers can get by enabling or disabling access to specific endpoints or resources.

Resource Limiting - Setup specific resource, or method, limits that can override throttles and quotas specified at the package level.

WYSIWYG Content Filtering - Setup filters to remove content attributes of API responses without programming.  Preview test calls and responses in the Dashboard to ensure proper distribution of data to the target developer audience.