Why Mashery?

Six reasons why you need Mashery


1. The world's most successful API programs are built on Mashery

Mashery invented API management and we power more of the world's leading API programs than anyone else (Read our customer success stories). We share our industry-leading expertise through Mashery Strategy Services, and through advanced product features, such as Mashery API Packager, and Mashery I/O Docs,  (to name just a few).

2. First PCI-Compliant API management platform & industry-leading security tools

In recognition of Mashery's commitment to data security, the Payment Card Industry has made Mashery the first PCI-compliant API management company (see the list of compliant providers here). In addition, Mashery makes it easy to deploy security protocols such as OAuth through an easy-to-use configuration screen.

3. Full deployment flexibility: Cloud, local, or both 

Mashery API Distribution Network™ is Mashery's enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with global points of presence (POPs), dynamic scaling, and 24-hour monitoring and support. Mashery Local runs in your own data centers under your direct control. Learn more about running API traffic through either or both with Mashery flexible deployment.

4. Cloud-Based multi-tenant SaaS for maximum reliability, lowest total cost

Mashery is designed from the ground up as a cloud-based, multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform for lowest total cost, highest reliability, and state-of-the-art global caching. We handle API scaling and security so that our clients can focus on building great API-enabled products and services.

5. Mashery-Made APIs delight developers

Mashery's innovative developer-enablement tools, like the wildly popular Mashery I/O Docs, boost developer adoption rates by up to 75%. And because all Mashery API keys work with hundreds of Mashery-made APIs, your API is instantly usable by our network of hundreds of thousands of active developers. Of course, only Mashery offers a team of professionals dedicated to evangelizing your API—Mashery Developer Outreach helps you engage developers both inside and outside your company.

6. Clients trust (OK, love!) our team

Whether they're launching API programs with us, trading stories at Mashery's Business of APIs Conference™, or just hanging out at hackathons, Mashery clients consistently tell us that they trust us as a partner and love working with us.