Mashery’s partnership with Aepona creates a new solution, the Aepona AMP Enterprise Connector, offered by Aepona to Service Providers. The solution integrates Aepona’s award-winning API Monetization Platform (AMP) with Mashery’s SaaS-based API Management platform technologies, including the market’s premier developer portal to increase engagement with developer communities, API Packager to allow business-side management of APIs as products, plus robust reporting and analytics to drive value tracking of API initiatives.

Aepona’s software platform bridges the enterprise with the network, enabling Service Providers to offer communications, context, commerce and control features that enrich business applications using cloud-based APIs. These Service Provider capabilities will play a key role in addressing the need to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer service and drive sales and the Aepona/Mashery partnership opens up a new channel for Service Providers to participate in the enterprise app economy.

Product features include:

  • Developer Partner Portal
  • API Control Center
  • Enterprise Network Deployment
  • Advanced API Packager
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Value Tracking Advanced Reporting
  • Caching
  • OAuth 2.0 Accelerator
  • Distributed Commerce / PCI
  • 1 SSL Certificate Hosting
  • Developer Network
  • Mashery Gold Support

Optional Add-On Features:

  • Additional Capacity
  • Geo-routing
  • Customer Sandbox Environment