Internet of Things

Powering Business Transformation

Discover the Intel® IoT Platform—an end-to-end reference model and family of products from Intel that works with third party solutions.

Powering Business Transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) movement is generating unprecedented business opportunity across industries by transforming isolated systems into intelligent objects that send and receive data to backend platforms. A large part of the interoperability, scale, and control for IoT can be achieved through API management. Standards-based design patterns for Web APIs, API management, and a RESTful architecture provide tremendous value in simplifying the task of interoperability across heterogeneous systems handling vast amounts of data. Since APIs have become ubiquitous, IoT deployments spanning a wide range of market segments can benefit from this proven architecture.

APIs lower the barrier to entry for connectedness and enable secure communication from things to applications located just about anywhere – in any cloud, data center, or accessible from API-enabled devices. In order to realize true value for IoT, businesses should focus on the value-added services they can assemble from data derived from IoT and how they can combine this data with their legacy systems and business assets. It is this data mashup that is happening across verticals and where true innovation for IoT is occurring. Any number of unique IoT business strategies and go-to-market business models can be empowered, whether they are internal, external, mobile, or channel partner focused.

This core IoT software layer creates a foundation for connected IoT by providing the following capabilities:

  • Connect and Protect
    Securely connect and remotely manage things with real-time gateway control using secure APIs to foster interoperability.
  • Configure and Manage
    Remotely manage complete solutions from edge to data center with a consistent user experience
  • Data Services and Analytics
    Securely transmit, store, and analyze big data using world-class data center technology, while utilizing intelligent algorithms at the edge to optimize performance
  • Service Enablement via Developer Engagement
    Unlock the power of community innovation for IoT by proactively engaging developers through developer outreach and API portals.
  • Rapid Service Creation
    Quickly and easily enable process integration, mash-up IoT API data with existing systems, and broker APIs with partners, all through API creation and management
Powering Business Transformation