Yellow Pages Group (Canada)


Webinar: How YellowAPI Became an Engine for Digital Transformation


Watch Brad Wing and Jonathan Levoie-Lévesque of YPG as they share how the digital transformation of Yellow Pages Group has accelerated through its open public API platform. Learn how YellowAPI allowed YPG to go from 30-page contracts to 30-second sign-ups and from 10 contracts per year to 10 contracts per month.

Read the full case study here:  YPG-Case-Study.pdf

Why launch an API?

“As we rapidly grow digital products and services for both businesses and users, YellowAPI allows us to ramp up new partners and apps in days instead of weeks. Our goal is to ensure our advertisers are visible on as many channels of communication as possible by continuously growing our third party ecosystem to deliver increased levels of ROI.”

How does your API let you partner with the likes of Twitter and Foursquare?

“YellowAPI has evolved from a grassroots developer tool to a lynchpin in our content distribution strategy. It functions today as the same developer tool, but also as a partner onboarding tool that allows us to integrate with the likes of TripAdvisor, Yahoo!, and foursquare.”

How does Intel Services help?

“Intel Services made it easy to launch a developer portal and get keys live, so we got to market really fast. And Intel Mashery Developer Platform Services and Strategy Services let us hit the ground running. We fell even more in love after Intel Services introduced us to all kinds of strategic partners.”