SportsData, LLC


Success Story: Changing the Game for Data Delivery: Treating APIs as Products

With a growing, diverse set of more than 130 APIs ranging from professional to college sports, SportsData has successfully tiered and segmented its product offerings by creating a solid delivery system and a consistent experience for its business partners and customers using API management. SportsData chose Mashery to provide an API management solution because “in our analysis, competitors were not ready for prime time – Intel Services was,” says Dave Abbott, co-founder and COO. 

Since working with Mashery, SportsData has produced more than 1,000 variations of data, which requires quick, efficient, and secure delivery. Mashery's cloud-based caching system puts far less load on SportsData’s backend, so data flows to the customer’s product more predictably. With its partners, SportsData has achieved global coverage, but its unified interface remains seamless no matter where data is being accessed. Abbott also notes that by implementing Intel Mashery API Management – SaaS Edition, SportsData is saving approximately two full-time equivalents. 

Goals of API Program

  • Find a cost-effective way to deliver real-time data
  • Tier access to and package data
  • Create new endpoints and manage new APIs without having to go through an engineer


  • Manages 130+ APIs with thousands of configurations among feeds through Mashery
  • 10x more clients and 5x more traffic in one year
  • Saving 2 FTEs by using Mashery API Management