Download the full case study here: Rovi-Case-Study.pdf

Powering New B2B Partnerships

Rovi is enjoying new revenue-generating partnerships thanks to its API and Intel Services.

Why launch an API?

“Rovi Cloud Services APIs offer a new distribution model that speeds innovation in the digital entertainment industry. Our Cloud Services APIs open new markets by providing easy, flexible access for developers and strategic partners."

What are some examples?

“Simple.TV, which won the impressive 'Best Of' award at CES 2012, lets users watch live and recorded TV on any connected device they own, and Rovi Cloud Services APIs power that experience. Rovi's partnership with Twitter helps digital home entertainment companies integrate Twitter directly into their services."

How has Intel Services helped?

“Because Intel Services provides our API management infrastructure, our engineers can focus on building great Rovi services. We've also gotten tremendous value from the Intel® Mashery™ Developer Platform Services team."