Rotten Tomatoes


The Rotten Tomatoes API: Getting a Five-Star Review From Partners and Developers

Read the full case study here:  RottenTomatoes-Case-Study.pdf

By opening up its API to the public and simplifying its partner onboarding process with API management, Rotten Tomatoes has enjoyed an influx of business partnerships and new audiences. The API allows users to access the company's Tomatometer scores and aggregation of movie reviews across multiple sites and devices.

Ready to Scale

Rotten Tomatoes is the number one source for aggregated professional critics’ reviews on the web, housing more than 1 million review links and counting. “As the most trusted brand for reviews, we knew an API would allow us to better serve the space,” says Lily Liang, Product Manager at Rotten Tomatoes. After two years, Rotten Tomatoes’ private API program became too successful for the company to manage on its own. Rotten Tomatoes could only handle one new partnership at a time, and it would be months before discussing the implementation process. “We were at a place where we were almost afraid to scale because we didn’t have the resources to manage it,” says Liang. The company also knew its API was missing a key set of partners: developers. 

Streamlining Partnerships

“API management is what Mashery does, and Mashery has proven that it does it well,” says Liang. Rotten Tomatoes externalized its API, offering five public APIs to both partners and developers. “Mashery immediately solved all of the problems that were holding us back before,” says Liang. The Rotten Tomatoes API network has shown a 370 percent growth in the number of API keys distributed. The company has been able to expand its presence in the entertainment space, integrating with key players like Apple, Comcast, Dish, and Google/YouTube, among others. “With Mashery, I can onboard a new partner in just one day,” says Liang. The feedback from partners has been overwhelmingly positive, both from business development and technical teams. With the Mashery Control Center, Rotten Tomatoes can also manage permissioning and levels of partner privileges.