As one of the most highly trafficked APIs in the world, Klout has grown its own influence by integrating with strategic partners to create valuable rewards and experiences for its users. Watch Klout's Director of Platform, Tyler Singletary, discuss how Intel Services helped Klout get there.

Success Story: Unlocking the Power of Influence through APIs

Read the full case study here:  Klout-Case-Study.pdf

With more than 400 million scored users and over 200,000 businesses benefitting from its products, Klout has quickly become the standard for influence. Klout scores represent the accumulation of influence across a person or company’s social networks. 

“An API was part of our business model from the beginning,” says Tyler Singletary, Director of Platform at Klout. “But it quickly became apparent to our co-founders that we needed a management solution to allow us to scale, as well as help us provision keys and manage client relationships.” Finding the right API management solution was essential. “Serving an API is not our core competency,” says Singletary. “We needed a platform to get us out there fast.” 

Gaining Popularity with Consumers and Developers

Klout signed on with Intel Services because “other solutions weren’t built for the type of scaling we knew we’d require,” says Singletary. “Plus, with Strategy and Developer Platform services, Intel Services' solution was the full package.”

“The team at Intel Services provides an invaluable service to any company who has little or no developer outreach team internally.” Since the Klout API is most useful through integrations with other APIs, the more developers using its API, the better. Klout’s API now receives more than 450 million calls per month through Intel Services. Furthermore, the Klout API fosters an active, working developer community that creates apps that stick – over 1,100 production-level API keys are registered with the API, producing more than 300 new apps each month. All this adds up to Klout’s status as one of the most highly trafficked APIs in the world. 

Growing Strategic Partnerships

Klout has relied on Intel Services' breadth of deployment across the globe, as well as its cloud-based caching and datacenters, to scale to this magnitude. With quick and easy onboarding, Klout can easily be present in burgeoning new business and consumer products. Klout currently has more than 3,500 partners. 

Another way Klout has added business value to its API program is its implementation of OAuth. “Rather than build out a key infrastructure, log-in IDs, and more ourselves, Klout went with the ease of Intel Services' OAuth Accelerator program to simplify implementation and integrate with developers,” says Singletary, which led to the launch of Klout’s first OAuth API, KloutPass. 

A prime example is Klout’s partnership with American Airlines, which integrated with Klout’s OAuth API to present a unique reward to top influencers – people with a Klout score of 55 or higher could gain access to the airline’s Admirals Club in more than 40 worldwide locations. “In just the first day of the promotion, more new users registered with Klout than with any other partnership before,” says Singletary.

“The Klout API will be key to our ability to bring enterprise brand agencies into the Klout platform."