Keep Holdings


As a commerce discovery platform with a wide web-based audience, Keep wanted to be able to reach customers anywhere, anytime, all while maintaining the rich content and aesthetic qualities it has on the web. Powered by a robust mobile API and secure API Management, Keep’s iOS app became one of the most popular apps in the Lifestyle category in the iTunes App Store.

Keeping Consumers Delighted and Engaged with Mobile APIs

Read the full case study here:  Keep-Case-Study.pdf

As a consumer website garnering hundreds of thousands of users, the founders of Keep knew that in order to truly provide the best customer experience, the company needed to allow its customers to access the site anywhere, anytime – all while maintaining the aesthetic qualities and rich content of the website. The company looked to APIs to build a dedicated, fully functioning app. “It’s difficult to produce a snappy interaction on the mobile web,” says Joe Predham, Mobile Lead at Keep. “We made it a priority to build an iPhone app, but we needed a scalable data endpoint so we could reach customers anywhere.”

Making the Move to Mobile

While developing an iOS app internally with a mobile-dedicated API, Keep’s developers understood that managing the anticipated traffic, as well as supporting secure exchanges, would strain in-house staff. “We want to delight our users, and there is significant time taken away from that if we have to build and maintain infrastructure to maintain our APIs,” says Predham. “Intel Services is the big name in API Management, and I’d be hard pressed to name a viable competitor,” says Predham. “We immediately understood that Intel Services would get us off the ground quickly so we could have our app in the market fast.”

Security In-House and in the Cloud

Keep spent four months developing its iOS app, which was seamlessly integrated with Intel Services' API Management platform in just one week. This speed is noted by Predham, “Had we chosen to develop API management infrastructure on our own, it could’ve easily taken a month more development time. Plus, there is a lot technical debt that comes with building your own API solution.”

Keep also outsourced a solution to satisfy its concerns over security and management of thousands of users. Keep uses Intel Services' OAuth 2.0 Accelerator to extend secure authentication to each user with every app download.  “Intel Services allows us to offload our concerns about security and managing traffic so we can focus on providing the best experience for our users,” says Predham.

Instant Success in the App Store and Beyond

Keep launched its first mobile app, Keep Shopping, for iOS. In its first month live, Keep Shopping became one of the most popular apps in the Lifestyle category on iTunes, and the API received more than 7.5 million API calls. Furthermore, all of Keep’s key interaction rates have increased over 100 percent on the mobile app in comparison to its website. “As soon as we released the app, all our numbers started ticking up, and mobile engagement skyrocketed,” says Predham. “We’re seeing downloads both from people who already know and love Keep, as well as new customers.”

“API Management will be key to growing our app offerings and scaling our program,” says Predham.