Opening an API for Mobile Reach and Monetization

JamBase reaches more music fans on any device through developers with the right API solution that helps the company identify new revenue opportunities.

Read the full case study here: JamBase-Case-Study.pdf

Connecting Music Fans Everywhere

JamBase is the leading service offering for connecting people with live, local music on the web. Its extensive and constantly updated database includes more than 105,000 artists and over 110,000 venues around the world, and JamBase strives to provide the most complete, accurate, and timely information available. “We believed that creating an API to expand the reach of JamBase would further our mission of connecting music fans everywhere with music they love, whether they were on JamBase or a partner site,” says Sabrina Schulz, CEO of JamBase. “However, if developers and partners were going to access our data and use it within apps, we’d need a way to manage access and monitor usage. That’s where Intel Services came in.”

Generating New Revenue

JamBase chose to outsource an API management solution because “Managing APIs and marketing to developers is not our core competency,” says Schulz. “It was much more cost-effective to purchase Intel Services than to hire more engineers to manage something in-house that Intel Services has already successfully built.”

With the Intel Mashery API Management – SaaS Edition and API Packager, the company implemented a tiered pricing structure based on API call volume. The JamBase API is free for up to 50 calls per day; anything more, and the developer pays JamBase for more calls. An easy tiering structure allows the company to open its data to any developer and generate revenue when a developer’s app becomes successful, resulting in a win-win for JamBase and its API consumers. “With Intel Services, we can easily customize our API fields and adjust call limits for any customer, which enables us to personalize our data to our customers’ specifications,” says Schulz.

Hitting the Right Notes

“The out-of-the-box Developer Outreach services that come with purchasing Intel Services have been instrumental in getting our name out there and driving adoption with developers,” remarks Schulz. “Ever since we implemented I/O Docs, we’ve seen an increase in new API keys by 40 percent and our customer service inquiries have decreased by nearly 100 percent."