Watch Edmunds.com's Senior Director of Open Platform, Ismail Elshareef, discuss how Intel Services has enabled the company to turn its API program into a multi-million dollar revenue generator. 

Success Story: Driving Innovation and Revenue with Partners and Developers

Read the full case study here:  Edmunds-Case-Study.pdf

A leading resource for car shopping and automotive information, Edmunds.com is committed to helping more than 18 million people find the car that meets their every need. Edmunds’ rich automotive data and strong partnerships fuel the best customer experience possible. Yet in order to grow the business and innovate in the space, the company needed a fast and efficient data delivery layer that would allow Edmunds to onboard partners fast and open its data to developers. 

“We knew APIs could replace those legacy systems and allow Edmunds to leverage the incredible data we have in ways we couldn’t imagine before,” says Ismail Elshareef, Senior Director of Open Platform at Edmunds.

Edmunds chose to sign on with Intel Services for its established quick time to market for implementation, and its easy to use dashboard to manage traffic and partners alike. The ribbon on the package for Edmunds was adding Intel® Mashery™ Developer Platform Services to ensure success in the developer community.

“Intel Services gave us great tools, like I/O Docs, which tripled our developer adoption rate overnight,” says Elshareef. "By engaging with developers, the Edmunds API has turned into a multi-million dollar revenue generator."

Scaling with that success requires the right tools and strategic vision to maintain such an evolution. Edmunds added API Packager to its API management toolbox in order to streamline key management. “Intel Services' API Packager is the answer to setting your entire API suite free,” notes Elshareef.

While Edmunds has moved beyond its original business focus of just two years ago, the company still views API Management as a critical piece to its success. “Intel Services is the difference between having an API and having an API ecosystem,” says Elshareef.