Getting ACTIVE on the Field and in the Cloud: Using APIs to Power Activity and Empower Partners

Since fulfilled the final step of its three-pronged technology strategy by implementing a successful API program, the company and its partners are seeing continuous, incremental month-to-month growth - and they've only just begun exploring other opportunities with the API platform. 

Download the full case study here: Active-Case-Study.pdf

Technology that Powers Activity

ACTIVE is focused on “activity and participant management,” which includes harnessing all participant and event data to provide better insights to organizers and access to activities for participants. ACTIVE was looking for ways to share customer activities broadly and in a way that would match its cloud-based infrastructure.  “We had an API. We just didn’t have the knowledge or resources to implement it to its full potential from development to monetization,” says Kristin Carroll, VP of Marketing at ACTIVE.

Empowering Partners, Driving Results

Through the Intel® Mashery™ API Management solution, ACTIVE built its open data ACTIVE Access Platform, which provides partners with access to activities everywhere through multiple APIs to serve different needs. Partners can monetize through ACTIVE’s affiliate program by getting a percentage of every transaction or activity sign-up that they drive. is seeing 250 percent year-over-year growth in the number of transactions originating from its API. In addition, top tier partners saw incremental growth of 5 to 10 percent month-over-month throughout 2012. To eliminate developer pains, ACTIVE automated the account and API key creation process, which allows for quicker and smoother onboarding and fast data integration. Thanks to the partner portal, “we need much less account management to complete our partners’ implementation.”

By building an accessible platform for its API, ACTIVE has empowered partners and driven innovation, which has resulted in great ROI for both parties. has seen more than 5.1 million visits generated by its API since January 2011, which amounts to 130 percent year-over-year growth.