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Everything connects.


pillowsOur technology-driven world presents more and more opportunities for businesses to adapt and innovate as they deliver information, products, and services for greater value to their customers. The marketplace continues to change at a rapid pace that makes constant innovation and reliance on technology a requirement for doing business. In addition, the merging of software and silicon capabilities to enable connectivity across people and new classes of devices – the Internet of “things” – is becoming critical. Supporting this evolution, Intel Services offers products and services that enable businesses to use technology as a driver rather than an obstacle.

Intel innovates constantly and has a strong history of delivering computing platforms that change the world. Key to Intel’s ongoing leadership in silicon and the data center is the software that connects – well, everything. Intel Services was born out of key business needs in the market to enable faster app development and partner growth, provide better more secure API performance, and deliver data-powered insights. We help customers launch their API programs quickly to get new products and services to market faster, and connect with business partners more easily to foster innovation and expand routes to market. We can also guarantee successful API performance with integrated security, and ensure that analytics and a performance dashboard help users understand what works, what doesn’t, and how to determine what data sets will be valuable.

Key Acquisitions

DevelopersIn 2013, Intel acquired Mashery, the inventor of API management and the world’s leading provider of API technology and services, and Aepona, an award-winning software platform enabling service providers using cloud-based APIs. Together, the Mashery global API delivery network supports 99,000+ active apps built by more than 342,000 developers, for a high profile and expansive customer base that includes Coca-Cola Enterprises, Aetna, Cisco, Vodafone, and Telus. Intel Services delivers complete solutions to fulfill a commitment to serving a broad customer base and ensuring customer success.


Established in 2006, Mashery is the inventor of API management. The company was founded on a unique, holistic approach that encompasses working with customers to craft profitable platform strategies, ensuring fast, reliable API access and facilitating relationships with our network of developers. More than 200 top brands, including Comcast, USA TODAY, and Getty Images, take advantage of APIs to build new revenue channels, speed time to market, and spur innovation. Mashery’s unique multitenant SaaS platform fulfills Intel’s mission to connect anyone, anywhere, from any device, by empowering the physical world with connections to the virtual world that is increasingly mobile, social, and analytical.


Aepona's award-winning software platform bridges the enterprise and the network, enabling communications services providers (CSPs) to offer communications, context, commerce, and control features that enrich business applications using cloud-based APIs. Using Aepona, CSPs can monetize their assets in new ways and embed mobile intelligence into a diverse range of applications. With Aepona’s technology, Intel can enable businesses to monetize with their APIs and incorporate telecommunications technology to expand and improve their API integrations.

Today, we have harnessed the products and services from both Mashery and Aepona as critical components of our end-to-end portfolio of offerings under the Intel® Mashery™ brand. Our product portfolio consists of Intel® Mashery™ API Management, Intel® Mashery™ API Gateways, Intel® Mashery™ Developer Platform Services, Intel® Mashery™ Strategy Services, and Intel® Mashery™ Technical Support, and the Intel® Services Platform to connect information and intelligence across people and devices. 

Our Culture

At Intel Services, we care about more than just technology. In an increasingly connected word, it really is all about the people, and the ways in which people use technology to connect and engage with information. We are determined to provide technology that fundamentally changes how millions of people around the world connect and share. We hire smart, creative individuals with diverse backgrounds and varied experiences, reflecting the global market we serve. We are excited to seamlessly enable connectivity across our increasingly connected world. By combining the demonstrated power and security of silicon with the flexibility and scalability of the cloud, Intel Services offers the proven solutions to elevate business connectivity anywhere from between partners and with “things.”