August 17, 2014

We're Throwing a Contest for National Bad Poetry Day!


In honor of National Bad Poetry Day, we’re having a bad haiku contest on Twitter! 

If you are currently thinking, I can’t enter, I’m awful at poetry, get that thought out of your head! Your lack of poetry skill makes you a perfect candidate for the bad poetry contest—plus if you don’t enter you won’t have a chance to win one of our fabulous prizes. 

To Enter: Tweet your haiku and include both @mashery and #apihaiku in the tweet. You have until 5pm PT today (Monday) to enter your haiku into the contest. 

Your haiku can be funny, insightful, cringe worthy, overly technical or downright terrible—just make sure it relates to APIs. 

On Tuesday, a poetically esteemed team of Intel Services employees will select three winners who will be notified via Twitter. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • First place: $75 Amazon Giftcard + Mashery shwag bag 
  • Second place: $50 Amazon Giftcard + Mashery shwag bag 
  • Third place: $25 Amazon Giftcard + Mashery shwag bag 

Entry in contest is subject to the Official Contest Rules.

Today is the day

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