Vivek Chopra | Director of Engineering
July 30, 2014

Reaffirming Intel Services’ Connection with Developers and Open Source at OSCON


O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) is a premier open source developer conference that has been running for 15 years and draws developers from around the country and internationally. This year, more than four thousand developers attended the various workshops, technical sessions, and expo hall over a five-day period in Portland, Oregon. As a key player in the open source and developer communities, Intel Services had a large presence at the conference to foster our connection with developers and evangelize the Mashery™ API network, as well as reinforce Intel advocacy and leadership in open source code.

Developer Engagement – The API Challenge

The Intel® Mashery™ Developer Platform Services team frequently attends hackathons around the world to evangelize the Intel® Mashery™ API network of more than 40 public APIs, and OSCON was no exception. This year we did so in a new format by running an API challenge from the Intel Services expo booth. As a part of this challenge, developers competed over a two-day period by solving puzzles using APIs from Intel Services customers ESPN, Beats Music, USA TODAY, Rotten Tomatoes, Sensis, SportsData, JamBase, Klout, and FoodEssentials. We offered exciting prizes for developers who won different levels of the challenge, including a MakerBot Replicator Mini 3D printer, a Spark Core kit, a revolving Tardis from Dr. Who, and more.

Intel and Open Source

Both Mashery (a part of Intel Services) and Intel have deep open source roots. OSCON gave us the opportunity to re-engage with the open source community and announce significant updates to I/O Docs to coincide with the convention, such as Schema support for arrays and serialized JSON for PUT/POST (more here).

In the past, Mashery has contributed to the OAuth 2 specification, has contributed code to core PHP modules, and has two active open source projects – I/O Docs Community Edition for creating interactive REST API Documentation and the I/O Wraps Client Library Generator. A lot of Mashery’s software infrastructure is also built on top of open source technologies – Intel Services understands that all platforms are different, and to build a one-size-fits-all tool would be virtually impossible. That’s why products like I/O Docs serve API providers and consumers alike as they are able to tailor the technology to their needs and systems.

Intel too has been both a contributor and consumer of open source. We are a top contributor to the Linux kernel, and Intel engineers serve as key maintainers of many of the kernel’s subsystems, including power management, graphics, wireless, Bluetooth, and RAS technologies. Linux, one of the most popular operating systems in the world, is an open source system, offering total transparency with millions of people around the world putting a hand in to improving it. The most significant and recent Intel initiatives are around defining standards and specifications for IoT as a part of the Open Interconnect Consortium.

Leading Technical Tracks

A major draw for OSCON attendees is its technical sessions and tutorials, which are organized into tracks such as Cloud, Databases & Datastores, User Experience, and Mobile Platform. Chad Naber and David Elfi, commerce platform engineers in Intel Services, led a session on their experience building a functional big data and machine learning platform using open source tools such as Hadoop, Hive, and various Python frameworks. This platform will be key in Intel's expansion in the IoT arena. 

With the API Challenge and our own engineers leading well attended technical talks, OSCON proved to be an exciting and fulfilling event for Intel Services employees, developers, and OSCON attendees. We’re excited to continue participating in the open source community and enabling developers with Mashery™-powered APIs that result in powerful integrations in mobile devices, IoT, and beyond.