Oren Michels | Co-Founder & GM
May 09, 2013

Mashery + Intel = The Ultimate Mashup


Today is a very special beginning for me, for my fellow Masherites and really for anyone who has ever used an API, which I can assure you, is every one of you. This is “Day One” for Mashery as an Intel company. What this means is that Mashery is becoming part of Intel’s vision for creating an open ecosystem of software and services capable of accelerating innovation with Intel technology inside.

Over the past few weeks I have had many conversations with senior management at Intel. The Software Services Group has been driving a variety of service offerings over the course of the last decade. Hank Skorny, VP, Intel Software and Services Group and GM, Intel Services Division, has personally led many of those efforts. Hank has made it clear to me that he sees the Mashery acquisition as a big step to further accelerate Intel’s delivery of integrated, cross-platform solutions.  Now that the acquisition has been completed, the Mashery teams will be integrated into the Intel Services Division.

Chris Boody, VP and GM, Network Products and Services, and I both view the powerful combination of Mashery products and Intel’s existing investments as the next logical step toward building an integrated Intel portfolio of services. We are excited about the power of Mashery and Intel together.

You all know that there has been a leap forward in our market with many vendors and customers jumping into the business of APIs. We’re surprised it took them this long, since we invented the space way back in 2006. We’re pleased to have built the platform that others look to as a model for managing APIs. For Mashery, joining Intel now gives us the ability to grow that platform even faster. For Intel, it further demonstrates continued commitments to investing in companies that are leading emerging high-growth markets.

While you might think of Intel as “the chip company,” if the company’s software group was an independent company, it would be among the world’s top five software companies. It’s incredible to me that Mashery has the opportunity to be a key component of Intel’s plans to grow and innovate across all the technology that we use throughout our day – from the Internet of Things, to the apps on our phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and other devices. We’re now part of one of the world’s biggest technology innovators, and Mashery will be able to use Intel’s vast array of resources to move faster to meet our customers’ needs. 

As exciting as this vision of the future is, it does not signal any change in our commitment to remaining the best enterprise API management platform in the world. Quite the contrary – Chris and Hank have committed to additional investment in our existing roadmap so we can innovate even faster. They realize that the enterprises we serve in segments like e-commerce, healthcare, media, travel, data services, and financial services are building the web services that will be combined with Intel’s APIs to create so many new and compelling user experiences. There are three main reasons we’re doing this now:

1) With Intel, we can grow our products and business faster, which is good for us and for our customers. We know we’re the best in the business and we’ll have a greater ability to execute quickly. As you all know, we have already delivered on an impressive roadmap and built a global API delivery network that supports 62,000 active apps built by over 200,000 developers. Intel has the resources – and the desire – to make a significant investment in growing our business reach even further.

2) Intel has exciting plans for us – We will be a key part of the Intel Software and Services group.

3) I’ve had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the executives who have had the vision to build this new initiative, and I couldn’t be more excited to work with them. After all, if we’ve learned one thing at Mashery, it’s that the most important thing about having a job you love is working with great people.

We support more than 125 families at Mashery, and it’s the people who make the products and build the relationships that make Mashery and our customers successful. This is an amazing outcome for us – and it is happening because of the incredible work that the entire Mashery team has done over the past seven years.

We have also had amazing and supportive investors who believed in us. They trusted us with their money and stayed out of our way so we could build a great company. I also want to thank all of our customers who believed in us and helped us build a great product and a great company. Expect to see more posts as we move beyond Day One and work with Intel to accelerate customer adoption and success – we want to share this story with everyone in the Mashery community and industry, and we want to get this right. If you have ideas or comments, please send them to intel@mashery.com.