Intel® Mashery™ API Management – SaaS Edition

Manage Your Traffic

Manage Your Traffic - Control traffic, security and response caching from a single, easy-to-understand dashboard


Key highlights

  • Single pane of glass control

  • Multiple deployment options

  • Geo-routing & edge caching

  • Graphical call troubleshooting


Manage all APIs from one place

Whether your APIs run in the cloud, on premises, or both, control and monitor them
securely with Intel Mashery’s powerful, centralized “single pane of glass” interface.

Run traffic where you want

No matter where your traffic runs Intel Mashery is the only API management with a
full range of deployment options

Slash response times with caching

Configure caching policies to speed global delivery and minimize load on your data

Troubleshoot with Call Inspector

Understand your traffic’s behavior with a complete graphical view into your data