Intel® Mashery™ API Management - Data Center Edition

Designed for internal API programs that want maximum on-prem security control

Supercharge SOA programs with the agility of API Management

  • Integrate and incorporate internal SOA services to the world of API Management
  • Repackage  SOAP or custom protocols as REST APIs for faster developer sharing
  • Drive down development costs and share services for re-use across internal teams


Flexible developer portal

  • Engage internal or external developers with a locally deployed, multi-tenant portal
  • Brand the portal, share docs, manage forums, and showcase API galleries all in one place
  • Embed a componentized, portal engine, separate from the UI directly into Enterprise applications


Maintain data center security practices 

  • Deploy a full service API Gateway to enforce DMZ grade security  & traffic management on APIs
  • Tie in authoritative  enterprise security and identity systems 
  • Enforce fine grain data governance  and protection practices to the API data channel
  • Position internal APIs for BYOD programs with mobile friendly security


Manage internal APIs

  • Manage internal APIs just like real world products with full packaging, rate limit, versioning, and throttle controls
  • Apply sophisticated enforcement or routing workflows using a powerful Eclipse design studio
  • Gain insights into department API usage for internal chargeback programs



Intel® Mashery™ API Management – Data Center Edition