Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Tokenization

Streamline PCI DSS & PII compliance and administration with tokenization

Tokenization – Application Security Made Easy

Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Tokenization is a hardware or software appliance that dramatically simplifies PCI DSS & PII compliance and administration for organizations across all industry types that accept, capture, store, transmit or process credit card, debit card, or sensitive personal data. As such, it functions as a tokenization broker for any enterprise application tasked with handling clear-text primary account number (PAN) data. The data is tokenized in documents or API calls and it stores encrypted card data in a protected, secure vault. Tokenization is a great way to improve enterprise security.

In-line Tokenization Proxy

Industry's only in-line proxy solution performs data protection on transactions vs coded in to the application. This gives you the highest level of tokenization security with no need to modify your current applications.

Format Preserving Encryption for PII

Encryption with built-in data type support that preserves the field length and original data reducing impacts to apps, a critical piece of secure tokenization.

Address PCI Network Security Requirements

Application-level firewall, strong access control tied to IdM systems, and tamper-resistant form-factor address broad range of network security controls. Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Tokenization helps your company deliver strong network security.

Tamper Resistant Hardware

Includes encrypted file system, Trusted Platform Management (TPM) for key storage, and SSL protected tokenization vault.

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Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Tokenization