Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Service Management

Expose services securely for either internal or external use cases

Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Service Management – Application Security Made Easy

Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Service Management is a software appliance designed to securely expose or consume application services/APIs on-premise or in the cloud. It delivers a standards-based policy enforcement point that is integrated with internal IdM, middleware, and auditing/monitoring infrastructure. Deployed as a low impact proxy at the network edge in software, virtual, or tamper proof hardware appliance versions. Verified by numerous high assurance security certifications such as Common Criteria EAL 4+ & FIPS 140-2 Level 1 Crypto.

Integrate & Transform Legacy Services

Transform & package your existing legacy, B2B, & SOA services into beautifully designed APIs. Embedded Informatica data transformation engine & integration to all middleware stacks delivers a centralized integration back-plane and point of control.

Application Service Governance

Unify SOA and API Management with SOAP to REST mediation, enforce service policies, and apply sophisticated orchestration using an Eclipse based service designer.

Cloud Service Brokerage

Empower IT to operate as a CSB that aggregates services from multiple cloud providers for simplified internal developer/department consumption.

High Assurance Security 

Multiple layers of security including Common Criteria EAL4+, HSM, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Crypto, OWASP top 10 threat protection, AAA, & identity token mapping.

Intel Optimized Performance

Wire-speed XML parsing & industry best performance based on Intel chip instructions set optimizations.

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Intel® Mashery™ API Gateway - Service Management