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  • “When you have APIs, there's a lot of opportunity from a security standpoint, governance, and ease of use. We went with an API management platform to give us all of those things.”

    Kevin Flowers

    CTO, Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • “We knew Intel Services had best of breed technology to manage our APIs across our brands and our portal.”

    Ryan Hudgins

    Performance Marketing Manager, Global Affiliate Program, InterContinental Hotels Group

  • “Intel Services has been incredibly valuable in our lead up to and launch of Sabre Dev Studio.”

    Sean Arena

    Chief Commercial Officer, Sabre

  • “With more than 80 APIs, Intel Services allows us to manage our program with fewer resources.”

    Hai Thai

    Senior Engineer, Comcast

  • “Intel Services admin capabilities allow us to scale at the level that we need to without a high operational cost.”

    Brandi Mobley

    API Product Manager, Getty Images

  • “This is what separates Cisco from the competition.”

    Alok Patel

    Product Manager, Cisco Support APIs, Cisco

  • “Intel Services gave us a turn-key solution from the start without much work on our side.”

    Erik Bursch

    Sr. Director, Operations + Workflow Systems, USA TODAY

  • “The combination of on-premise API Management with the API Gateway - Service Management to provide both runtime and design time capabilities was one key expansion point for us.”

    Plamen Petrov

    Executive Director + Chief Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

  • “Intel Services had a turnkey solution we could leverage and best of breed technology. It was a no brainer for us.”

    Matt Pierce

    Sr. Director, Business Development, Greenway Health

  • “We've been able to scale very quickly without a lot of capital investment. Advertisers have responded with actual direct revenue from API initiatives, and our consumer growth has responded as well.”

    Myles Lagolago-Craig

    Delivery Manager + API Program Lead, News Corp Australia

  • “By far, the OAuth solution and the management portal that Mashery had was lightyears ahead.”

    Andy Michaelis

    Sr. Director, Software Development, uShip

  • “We are modernizing healthcare IT in a big way with Intel Services.”

    Kyle Armbrester

    VP of Business Development, athenahealth

  • “We rely on Mashery’s expertise to manage and monitor access rights. As a result, we are able to offer a very robust product.”

    Matt McAlister

    Head of the Guardian Developer Network, the Guardian

  • “Intel Services is the difference between having an API and having an API ecosystem.”

    Ismail Elshareef

    Director of Open Platform, Edmunds.com

  • “Intel Services allows us to easily do throttling and rate limiting.”

    Dave Berard

    Product Manager, Constant Contact

  • “The API initiative with Intel Services allows us to focus on our core competency.”

    Betsy Eisenberg

    Director, Product Management + Data Operations, EDGAR Online

  • “With Intel Mashery API Management, we saw long-term potential - as we scaled, they'd be able to scale with us. We knew we wouldn't outgrow our provider.”

    Lee Odess

    General Manager, Brivo Labs

  • “We now are able to create and package a perfect business development API set where we can be at the same level with any third party.”

    Colin McCabe

    Director of Platform, TouchTunes

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] has made it easy for us to scale and lets us make it easy for our developers to scale.”

    Lily Liang

    Product Manager, Rotten Tomatoes

  • “We chose Intel Services because they combined an understanding of our requirements with excellent customer service - it was a very quick decision to outsource that element of the work.”

    James Moore

    Founder, CentralIndex.com

  • “The increase in adoption of our API is attributable to Intel Services and the ease of use of the platform both for us as business people and for developers.”

    Paul Lentz

    Senior VP Publisher Platform, ShareThis

  • “With Intel Mashery API Management, it's easy. We can provision a new API without having to talk to an engineer.”

    Dave Abbott

    Co-Founder + COO, SportsData, LLC

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] had the most stable and most robust system available. ”

    Pete Moeykens

    Fellow, Location-Based Services, TomTom

  • “It was much more cost-effective to purchase Intel Services than to hire more engineers to manage something in-house that Mashery has already successfully built.”

    Sabrina Schulz

    CEO, JamBase

  • “Intel Services gives us the means, platform, and infrastructure to expose our APIs to external communities.”

    Samantha Sayar

    Senior Manager, Partnerships, Hightail

  • “YellowAPI is an engine powering our shift from print to digital.”

    Brad Wing

    Head of YellowAPI, YPG

  • “[Thanks to the Partner Portal], we need much less account management.”

    Kristin Carroll

    VP Marketing, ACTIVE

  • “Our API strategy is a vital part of Argos' transformation plan.”

    Jeremy Gooch

    Integration Domain Architect, Home Retail Group

  • “With Intel Mashery API Management, we can onboard developers in a fraction of the time it used to take thanks to a secure, standards-compliant, self-services registration process.”

    Joe Takeuchi

    API Sales Engineer, VerticalResponse

  • “Intel Services is the big name in API management.”

    Joe Predham

    Mobile Lead, Keep

  • “The closest competitor would've cost us a lot of time and effort.”

    Norbert Herrmann

    Senior Manager, SAPI + Search, Sensis

  • “To securely, accurately, and reliably service the 25 million customer transactions that take place every day, relies on software. The Intel® Mashery™ API services are the key that brings this all together.”

    Neil Thomas

    CEO, Wayne Fueling Systems