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  • "We needed to go to market fast, make things simple, and enable our business in new and different ways.”

    Kevin Flowers, CTO, Coca-Cola Enterprises

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    the world leader in API management and software services—everything connects.
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  • “When you have APIs, there's a lot of opportunity from a security standpoint, governance, and ease of use. We went with an API management platform to give us all of those things.”

    Kevin Flowers

    CTO, Coca-Cola Enterprises

  • “With more than 80 APIs, Mashery [a part of Intel Services] allows us to manage our program with fewer resources.”

    Hai Thai

    Senior Engineer, Comcast

  • “Mashery's [a part of Intel Services] admin capabilities allow us to scale at the level that we need to without a high operational cost.”

    Brandi Mobley

    API Product Manager, Getty Images

  • “This is what separates Cisco from the competition.”

    Alok Patel

    Product Manager, Cisco Support APIs, Cisco

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] gave us a turn-key solution from the start without much work on our side.”

    Erik Bursch

    Sr. Director, Operations + Workflow Systems, USA TODAY

  • “The combination of on-premise API Management with the API Gateway - Service Management to provide both runtime and design time capabilities was one key expansion point for us.”

    Plamen Petrov

    Executive Director + Chief Architect, Blue Cross Blue Shield Association

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] had a turnkey solution we could leverage and best of breed technology. It was a no brainer for us.”

    Matt Pierce

    Sr. Director, Business Development, Greenway Health

  • “We've been able to scale very quickly without a lot of capital investment. Advertisers have responded with actual direct revenue from API initiatives, and our consumer growth has responded as well.”

    Myles Lagolago-Craig

    Delivery Manager + API Program Lead, News Corp Australia

  • “We are modernizing healthcare IT in a big way with Mashery [a part of Intel Services].”

    Kyle Armbrester

    VP of Business Development, athenahealth

  • “We rely on Mashery’s expertise to manage and monitor access rights. As a result, we are able to offer a very robust product.”

    Matt McAlister

    Head of the Guardian Developer Network, the Guardian

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] is the difference between having an API and having an API ecosystem.”

    Ismail Elshareef

    Director of Open Platform, Edmunds.com

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] allows us to easily do throttling and rate limiting.”

    Dave Berard

    Product Manager, Constant Contact

  • “The API initiative with Mashery [a part of Intel Services] allows us to focus on our core competency.”

    Betsy Eisenberg

    Director, Product Management + Data Operations, EDGAR Online

  • “With Intel Mashery API Management, we saw long-term potential - as we scaled, they'd be able to scale with us. We knew we wouldn't outgrow our provider.”

    Lee Odess

    General Manager, Brivo Labs

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] has made it easy for us to scale and lets us make it easy for our developers to scale.”

    Lily Liang

    Product Manager, Rotten Tomatoes

  • “We chose Mashery [a part of Intel Services] because they combined an understanding of our requirements with excellent customer service - it was a very quick decision to outsource that element of the work.”

    James Moore

    Founder, CentralIndex.com

  • “The increase in adoption of our API is attributable to Mashery [a part of Intel Services] and the ease of use of the platform both for us as business people and for developers. ”

    Paul Lentz

    Senior VP Publisher Platform, ShareThis

  • “With Intel Mashery API Management, it's easy. We can provision a new API without having to talk to an engineer.”

    Dave Abbott

    Co-Founder + COO, SportsData, LLC

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] had the most stable and most robust system available. ”

    Pete Moeykens

    Fellow, Location-Based Services, TomTom

  • “It was much more cost-effective to purchase Mashery [a part of Intel Services] than to hire more engineers to manage something in-house that Mashery has already successfully built.”

    Sabrina Schulz

    CEO, JamBase

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] gives us the means, platform, and infrastructure to expose our APIs to external communities.”

    Samantha Sayar

    Senior Manager, Partnerships, Hightail

  • “YellowAPI is an engine powering our shift from print to digital.”

    Brad Wing

    Head of YellowAPI, YPG

  • “[Thanks to the Partner Portal], we need much less account management.”

    Kristin Carroll

    VP Marketing, ACTIVE

  • “Our API strategy is a vital part of Argos' transformation plan.”

    Jeremy Gooch

    Integration Domain Architect, Home Retail Group

  • “With Intel Mashery API Management, we can onboard developers in a fraction of the time it used to take thanks to a secure, standards-compliant, self-services registration process.”

    Joe Takeuchi

    API Sales Engineer, VerticalResponse

  • “Mashery [a part of Intel Services] is the big name in API management.”

    Joe Predham

    Mobile Lead, Keep

  • “The closest competitor would've cost us a lot of time and effort.”

    Norbert Herrmann

    Senior Manager, SAPI + Search, Sensis